Kungsholmens gymnasiums kulturplan 2020–2021

Kungsholmens gymnasium har varit generösa och delat med sig av sin kulturplan så att andra verksamheter kan få inspiration. Så här arbetar de för att eleverna ska få uppleva och skapa kultur.

The’ Kulturplan’ at Kungsholmens gymnasium that Gary Clarke proposing, involves Drama / English and Art

Drama / English

Shakespeare Day: a project where pupils who read English 6 have time to read a play by Shakespeare in depth, and then have time to rehearse and produce an edited version of the chosen play on a single day in May, where an audience is invited. Last year, because of corona, pupils produced in isolation, radio productions of Shakespeare plays instead, but I hope that this year / läsår, we will be able to have IRL productions with an audience. My role as a Drama and English teacher is to offer support to the pupils in form of workshops in acting and directing, but also scenography, lighting and script editing.

Drama Day: a project similar in form to Shakespeare Day, this module is aimed at pupils reading English 7, and their task is to dramatize a non-dramatic text, eg: a novel or short story. This requires more advanced skills as dramatization is more involved but otherwise develops similar skills used in Shakespeare Day.

I have been the coordinator of these two projects at this school for a number of years and are generally seen as highlights of the school year and very popular with the pupils.


As the art teacher at this school, one of my aims is to make sure that there are two exhibitions at the school, one in Autumn (höstsalong) and one in the Spring (vårsalong). The exhibitions are meant to showcase the work of pupils taking Art and Design at the school, and make many different forms of art VISIBLE for an audience: teachers and other pupils. The art exhibitions also have text to describe the intentions that the young artists have, which can give people looking at the art food for thought and also an insight to themes and motifs from the history of Art and Design.